60 Docks vs 90 Docks

A lot of people might not get the impact of adding 30 docks to the lake of this size so I created a visual representation of the impact on our lake.

This is what the lake looks like now with the Proposed RV Park highlighted. Note that these 60 docks all have the same share of the lake.

Now this is what the lake will look like if the proposed RV park and the boat docks go in.

Notice the disproportionate percentage of the lake this single Parcel of land gets compared to the rest of the 80 properties and 60 docks.

This is already a small lake, only able to sustain 15.7 motorized boats at any one time. (according to Minnesota standards). Allowing a single parcel to increase the number of docks on the lake by 50% would be reckless.

2 Replies to “60 Docks vs 90 Docks”

  1. As a former cabin owner on this still pristine body of water that I do still visit, I am opposed to the RV park for multiple reasons.
    ATV’s, jet skis, boats and noise will become the norm. That lake cannot handle a large number of watercraft without causing gridlock on the water leading to boating accidents. They will be tearing up the wooded land and trails and flying down private roads on gas powered scooters and bikes. I fear our wildlife and their habitats will be in peril too.
    Multiple vehicles both on and off the water will decrease safety as well. This is a quiet hideaway that with a campground added will produce decreased water clarity causing fewer fish, fewer Loons and herons and increase noise pollution, water pollution and garbage. Once it’s there, there’s no going back.
    Please do not allow this to happen. As keepers of the land, you have a responsibility to say “no”.

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