This is the official site of Pickerel Lake Homeowners who are opposed to putting an RV Park and Campground on our small Lake.

How Can I help

By Signing our petition to stop development.


Pickerel Lake is a quaint, quiet, Northern Minnesota lake and is designated as Residential. It is 9 miles north of Park Rapids and 2 miles south of Emmaville.

Currently there are less than 80 lakefront properties with 60 docks. The proposed RV park would add 45+ RV spots and another 30 docks.

The recommended water usage for a lake in Minnesota is 1 motorized boat per 20 acres, which means this 314 acre lake can only support 15.7 boats on it at any one time.

Allowing this RV park to be built would not only be bad for the lake but dangerous for the residents.



For more information or to get on the email list, email: Curt.Soehl@gmail.com

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